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Digital Marketing Penang

XANTEC is a digital performance marketing company in Penang that helps businesses of all sizes with their digital marketing since 2006. We are also a pre-approved Technology Service Provider by MDEC for digital marketing solutions. Our primary value is transparency and you can expect clear accountability in the work we do when you work with us. XANTEC is built to deliver performance for your business with digital marketing.


#1 Ranked Google Ads & Facebook

Google or Facebook Ads is a paid publicizing service through the Google or Facebook Ads network. XANTEC offers digital marketing services in Penang for small to large-size businesses at economical prices. For every business, PPC services work brilliantly and are extremely helpful, which complements your website’s web crawler or “organic” promoting.



How We Can Help You Grow?

Reach your target audience to maximize results.

Our full-funnel performance digital marketing strategies engage multiple touchpoints to reach your target audience. By delivering the right message at the right time using SEO, online advertising, blog content, data and analytics, or social media posts, our performance marketing team works to deliver otpimised results.


Our Approach to Digital Marketing in Penang

We provide professional Digital Marketing service in Penang.
Let's see what we can do for you:

Content Marketing Penang

Marketing Automation Penang

WhatsApp Marketing Penang

YouTube Ads Penang

Being one of the most reliable digital agencies here in Penang, we offer you a wealth of digital marketing services that will make your brand be known by the massive audience in the digital space. To make this possible, we strive to cross every platform possible where you can set up your online presence.

Digital Marketing Penang



What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing uses digital tools and platforms like the Internet, social media, mobile devices, and search engines to promote brands, products or services. Digital marketing that occurs online can also be termed online marketing or internet marketing – and that is what we specialise in.

What are the various types of digital marketing?

The most common digital marketing areas include: search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing and advertising, email marketing, and WhatsApp marketing. Here at XANTEC, we offer all of them under one roof!

Why is digital marketing important?

With so many people online every day, the internet is one of the best places to promote your business. Brands can no longer rely on traditional media and storefront advertising if they want to reach out to more people in the country or even worldwide. Online platforms also offer more avenues for organisations to engage and interact with their audience, no matter where they are.

How can digital marketing help my business?

The future of commerce and marketing is in digital. Your business will benefit from digital marketing if you want to reach out to a wider audience, and maintain a sustainable marketing channel in this digital age. Don’t let obstacles like store closures or falling footfall affect your business – going digital will help you sustain and even thrive.

How much does digital marketing cost in Penang?

The cost varies with the marketing channels you choose. For example, SEO is very cost-effective and requires very little to start. However, paid advertising like PPC and social media ads will cost more, depending on the competitiveness of the industry and volume of ads you want to put out. With XANTEC, our fees go by a monthly or yearly fixed fee, and we can assure you that the rates are fair, transparent, and well worth your every cent.

How to choose a digital marketing agency in Penang?

Doing your due research is super important. Look for a company that has a strong track record, proven results, and positive customer reviews. You will also want to check out if the price rates are within your budget and preferred payment model. Seeing if they have worked with the big brands can also give you an idea of how well-reputed they are.