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Mobile App Johor Bahru

We understand that creating a product with innovation is not a simple process. You need to understand development requirements, market context, and the various opportunities involved. We can guide and help you through the entire software development process with our expertise and experience, to create your next breakthrough app.

We Build Apps On Multiple Platforms, For Various Industries

From social iOS apps to Android productivity tools to secure enterprise solutions, XANTEC can build it. Our mobile strategists, designers and engineers have worked on hundreds of projects in Johor Bahru – so we know all things mobile. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise giant, we’ll tailor the best solution to your business needs.



React Native


Business Mobile Apps

Run your company more efficiently through internal business apps. Increase productivity of your employees with mobile apps that help ease their workload and reduce unnecessary workflows.

Consumer Mobile Apps

Building a consumer-facing mobile app has never been easier with Agile Lab. Find out what your customer needs instead of what you think your customer wants with quick iterative development.

App Development

Cross-Platform & Hybrid Mobile

We deliver fast and responsive hybrid mobile applications that work across major operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

CI/CD Pipeline

The operating principle that raises the bar for our team is the CI/CD pipeline (continuous integration/continuous delivery), enabling more reliable and consistent code changes.

That doesn’t mean working harder but smarter. The ultimate goal is automated testing, moving team away from manual time-killing procedures, towards high-level, business-focused decision making.