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Grow Your Brand Globally!

XANTEC is a SEO agency KL (Kuala Lumpur) that specializes in Search Engine Optimization for global and international brands.

We work with international companies to detect missed opportunities, strategize a plan of attack, and execute many deliverables to drive business leads.


How You Can Go Global with International SEO?

It’s fair to compare international SEO to geotargeting, though on a much greater and more intricate scale. For SMEs, geotargeting for SEO is simply focusing on engaging new prospects from nearby areas, while international SEO uses optimisation for multi-region websites to attract a whole demographic abroad. Our team of specialists, together with an advanced toolkit of techniques, can expose your company to a whole new world.



Above and Beyond Borders.

As a leading digital agency in KL, we can amplify your reach above and beyond, while motivating your company to discover all-new horizons. XANTEC holds revered industry experience in assisting businesses to unlock unfamiliar avenues for attaining new revenue. How? Our international SEO campaigns for multi-lingual and multi region websites are precisely focused on your target audience, while powered by an in-depth, data-driven approach.


Our Approach to Global SEO in KL

We provide professional Global SEO service in KL.
Let's see what we can do for you:

International Technical SEO KL

Local Audience Intent Research

International Site Structure

Competitor Analysis

Content Transcreation

Link Acquisition

On-page Optimization

Ongoing Reporting

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We will come up with an SEO strategy that tells Google your website is targeting your ideal countries. We will create content for all the targeting countries, tagging them with your industry keywords and geo-targeting them towards your preferred countries.

Global SEO KL



What is Global SEO / International SEO?

Global or international SEO campaigns mean search engine optimization aimed at targeting a global audience.

A search campaign that works locally will not necessarily work in another country because each audience from different countries uses their search terms and follow other search trends.

If your company has an international presence and is looking to grow an audience globally, you can start a global SEO campaign.

How does international SEO work?

International SEO is a strategy used for businesses like you to speak to a global audience in a language they prefer. This is done by organising and optimising your webpages for an audience in multiple countries through specific content in a relevant language using a targeted set of keywords.

How does international SEO help Your business?

International SEO is important to turn your business into a global brand. By localising your content across your global websites, you can enjoy a huge increase in your web traffic from countries outside of your home region. This translates to higher rates of conversions over time.

How much does international SEO service cost in KL?

Our commercial proposal for any international SEO campaign depends on our effort estimates which are calculated based on locations, number and quality of keywords we are targeting, the age of your website and competitiveness of the major industry players for those keywords. We would request you to get in touch with our team for a quick call to get a suitable quote.

How long will it take to see results?

Depending on your niche, the competition, the current state of your website, how much work needs to be done, Google’s algorithm, (the list can go on), it’s difficult to put a month as a gauge for results.

Instead, what you can expect is a steady increase in key performance metrics over the course of the campaign.