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What is AutoCount, and Why should you use AutoCount for your business in Malaysia?

Every business needs to keep on top of its finances.

Making sure you’re in control of what’s going in and out of your business’s account is important to the financial survival of your company.

So, how you will handle the bookkeeping of your business?

There’s an option of using software, but many accounting software has a steep learning curve and can be expensive.

And for SMEs in Malaysia, which can be low on funds, it’s important that you get the most bangs for your bucks.

So, what a business is to do if it wants to handle its own finances without breaking the bank?

The solution? AutoCount accounting software!

So what is AutoCount, and why should you use AutoCount for your business?

If a SME is looking to take some of the accounting tasks themselves, then AutoCount is an accounting software made for those businesses in Malaysia.

Read on to know what makes AutoCount accounting software a better choice for your business than other accounting software in Malaysia.


What is AutoCount accounting software?

AutoCount is an accounting software for SMEs in Malaysia. AutoCount accounting software is a totally integrated business software that amalgamates Accounting, Inventory Control, Invoicing, Payroll and POS solutions into one, single business application which facilitates smooth functioning of a business. Its applications are wide and it caters to all types of businesses. Essentially, it is a complete software solution that helps solve all sorts of business problems.


AutoCount Accounting Software Features

Schedule Your Recurring Entries

For many businesses, recurring transactions and accounting entries can be a huge volume of repetitive and tedious workload. Now you may schedule all future transactions and decide either to generate the entries automatically or to be prompted with reminders.

Send Documents/Location via WhatsApp

Sending documents/reports/location made easy with WhatsApp. Just maintain the recipient’s WhatsApp contact number, key in the message, and Send it. The recipient shall receive the message and download link via WhatsApp immediately

Use of Document Templates

Create a template for a frequently used document (e.g. Cash Sale) and enjoy SPEEDY processes in the subsequent billings. Imagine how much time you can save on documents such as Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, Credit Note, Request Quotation, Cash Sale…

Generate PO from Reorder Advice

Stock replenishment can now be easier and quicker. Browse the Reorder Advice anytime, make decision from the listed/proposed items and quantity to be purchased, then straight away Generate Purchase Orders immediately to your suppliers. Increase the stock reorder efficiency by at least 80%.

Auto-Generate Stock Adjustments

After a stock take, the system shall detect the differences between physical quantity and book quantity. What you need to do is to determine whether or not to auto-generate stock adjustment entries according to the discrepancies.

6 Levels Selling Price With Auto-Adjustment

For each stock item, you may now maintain up to 6 levels of selling price and assign to different categories of customers. For each level of selling price, by specifying the percentage of margin and markdown rate, the selling price shall be auto-adjusted with the changes of Cost price.

Better Stock Filtering/Analysis

For better and more flexible filtering as well as analysis reporting, all inventory items can be differentiated with Item Group, Item Type, Item Brand, Item Category and Item Class.

Applicability of Stock Items

Some of your stock items are not for sale (e.g. for own use) or are used only in specific processes (e.g. raw materials are used only in making finished goods). By specifying the applicability of stock items, you may reduced the loading of non-relevant items during processes of Sales, Purchase, POS, Raw Materials and Finished Goods.

Enhanced User Access Rights Setting

Access Rights Maintenance is further enhanced for better experience. You may now view the comparison of access rights items for any selected user against its user group, and Export access rights items to Excel. It also allows to copy access rights from existing user to new user.

Unlimited Alternative Item Codes

Each product item can be match with unlimited alternative item codes. For example, barcodes, special codes, simplified codes, supplier-used codes… all these different codes will refer to the same product item. This makes data entry and item searching much easier and flexible.

Refined Consignment Module

Your may be consignor, or consignee, the most important things you need from the software is a good flow of consignment activity records and reports. It covers from the beginning of consignment note, to the transfer of consignment return of invoice, and status of inventory reports.

Deposit – Apply, Refund & Forfeit

If you do collect deposits from customers, you will better appreciate the features deposit management. It allows you to record each deposit received, transfer of deposit (as payment) to offset invoices, and multiple entries for refunds and forfeits.

New Document – Purchase Request

Purchase Request is more to a internal document in procurement process, usually used before Request Quotation and Purchase Order are sent to suppliers.

The Flow of Related Documents

In one screen you can view the complete flow of related documents. From the beginning of non-accounting documents, to official business billing and related payments or credit notes. Besides, you may click on any document and drill into its details.

Stock Disassembly

Opposed to stock assembly that build a new product item by consuming several other items (parts), this Stock Disassembly allows you to break a product item into multiple items (components), at the same time keep tracks of costing and quantities. E.g. big jumbo roll of paper cut into different wide of paper roll, a whole chicken to different parts of chicken…

Advanced Quotation

Better internal control before sending out sales quotations/proposals. You may set stricter approval process before finalising a quotation, keeping historical records of all revised versions, and sending alerting email on action required/approval/rejection.

AutoCount On-The-Go Accounting at Your Fingertips

With AutoCount On-The-Go, your business go on cloud at ease. It is the 1st Hybrid Cloud Accounting in Malaysia

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Why choose AutoCount?

Better Stock Filtering/Analysis

For better and more flexible filtering as well as analysis reporting, all inventory items can be differentiated with Item Group, Item Type, Item Brand, Item Category and Item Class.


How much does AutoCount cost in Malaysia?

AutoCount software starting from RM900, and AutoCount cloud starting from RM35/month.


AutoCount Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of users and organization types does AutoCount work with?

AutoCount works with these users and organization types: Mid Size Business, Small Business, Enterprise, Freelance, Nonprofit, and Government.


What languages does AutoCount support in their product?

AutoCount supports many languages such English, Chinese, Malay etc.


Does AutoCount have an API?

Yes, AutoCount has an API.


Does AutoCount offer a free trial?

Yes, AutoCount offers a free trial.


Can I integrate AutoCount with Woocommerce?

Yes, you can integrate Woocommerce with AutoCount with our plugin.


Can I integrate AutoCount with Shopify?

Yes, you can integrate Shopify with AutoCount with our plugin.


Can I integrate AutoCount with EasyStore?

Yes, you can integrate EasyStore with AutoCount with our plugin.


Can I integrate AutoCount with SiteGiant?

Yes, you can integrate SiteGiant with AutoCount with our plugin.


Can I integrate AutoCount with POS system?

The best solution is to use AutoCount POS system with AutoCount accounting.


Can I customize AutoCount software functions?

Yes, we can help you to customize AutoCount software function.


What is AutoCount Cloud Accounting?

AutoCount Cloud Accounting is a software that supported by cloud storage to manage business accounts. It is a tool to manage business data, analyze business performance, share business information and help make informed business decisions. AutoCount Cloud Accounting  provide strong and stable database for every type of business.

Free, no-obligation consultation.

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