Custom Software Development

A software developement consultancy focusing on custom app development, UI / UX design and strategy for the web, iOS and Android. XANTEC is a software company in Johor Bahru specialized in web applications, apps, mlm software, Autocount accounting & POS system.

We Build Software That Grows Businesses

Investing in your business and having Custom Application Development helps improve productivity and reduces administrative costs is often the most effective way to achieve this objective. By identifying problems in existing systems and exploring opportunities to streamline processes, we can set your apart from the competition by creating a valuable asset for your business in the form of proprietary software. Besides, we are the authorised dealer of business software for Autocount accounting & POS system.

Solutions Architecture

XANTEC architects design innovative, yet efficient, effective, flexible and scalable solutions across target devices and throughout the stack. We build robust, feature-packed and high-performing solutions that can meet business and IT needs, now and into the future. Drive value from the start.

User Interface Development

An optimized user interface marries customer experience and business objectives. XANTEC helps business leaders not only plan and design, but also build, test and manage, customized user experiences that are highly competitive and easy to use. Code your interface elegantly.

Responsive Software Development

Ideally, your digital experiences should reach users where they happen to find your brand. XANTEC understands the nuanced design and technical considerations and can help guide your responsive or adaptive plan. It's not just design, it's development. Be everywhere you need to be.

Mobile Application Development

Whether for new mobile products, or multi-device, omni-channel experiences, XANTEC empowers business with customized, multi-device solutions. Our award-winning mobile work spans strategy, design, architecture, development, and integration. Embrace mobile done right.

The Process

  • Connecting disparate sources of information.


  • Organizing, collating & normalizing it for your databases.


  • Creating the application engine that transforms the data.


  • Deploying it on a scalable, secure, and reliable infrastructure.


  • Making it accessible across browsers, client apps and mobile devices.


Autocount Accounting & POS System

We are the autorised dealer of Autocount accounting software and Autocount POS system in Johor Bahru. We provide one stop complete solutions for Autocount accounting software, and Autocount POS system. Including Software, Hardware, Training, Support, and Autocount Customization & Autocount API.

We would like to make you our next success story.

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