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Custom Application Development

Streamline processes and solve complex business demands with a custom software development or web application. For optimal usage of the platforms we built, we also provide integration service with external systems via API. This allows our web app to communicate with other systems, such as AutoCount accounting and inventory etc.

Take Your Business Forward,
with a Custom Software

Provide users with an engaging online platform to access your products and services. With the use of modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience, web applications make it possible to integrate features like push notifications, geofencing, or loyalty rewards. Many companies in and beyond Johor Bahru also find web apps a productive method of facilitating communication and collaboration between employees.




Node JS


Vue JS

React Native



What is Web App?

Web Application Development (Web-App) is the development of a computer program that make use of web browsers and technology to accomplish tasks over the internet.

  • accessible

    As long as internet connection is available, cloud-hosted web applications can easily be accessed anytime, anywhere, with any device using any web browser. Security and functionality updates can be rolled out without any downtime, allowing users to always experience the latest version of your web app.

  • adaptable

    An increase in users and load are a common pitfall in handling growth. We develop custom web applications that scale with your business’ demands and growth. This reduces the cost of introducing new programs, increases the lifecycle of the web application, and eliminates the training-time needed to remaster a new process.

  • customizable

    We develop progressive web apps that provide unique, out-of-the-box solutions with the capability to eliminate repetitive tasks and run efficient business processes through automation, saving you time and reducing human error. The user interface of web applications are also easier to customise in comparison to native apps.

  • secured

    We deploy web apps on cloud servers. Data is stored remotely, which makes it easier to detect and resolve critical issues. It also significantly reduces potential security breaches, and makes data restoration easy in the rare occasion that data loss is suffered due to human or programme error.

  • Q2

    Why Us?

    Best Software Company Malaysia

    With a robust team of avid programmers, passionate designers, and experienced business advisors, we are a software company in Malaysia that will make sure that everything is handled as per the highest standards. We employ a tried-and-tested web app development process, which guarantees the best value for our clients.

    CI/CD Pipeline

    The operating principle that raises the bar for our team is the CI/CD pipeline (continuous integration/continuous delivery), enabling more reliable and consistent code changes.

    That doesn’t mean working harder but smarter. The ultimate goal is automated testing, moving team away from manual time-killing procedures, towards high-level, business-focused decision making.