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We understand that creating a product with innovation is not a simple process. You need to understand development requirements, market context, and the various opportunities involved. We can guide and help you through the entire software development process with our expertise and experience, to create your next breakthrough app.

We Build Apps On Multiple Platforms, For Various Industries

From social iOS apps to Android productivity tools to secure enterprise solutions, XANTEC can build it. Our mobile strategists, designers and engineers have worked on hundreds of projects in KL (Kuala Lumpur) – so we know all things mobile. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise giant, we’ll tailor the best solution to your business needs.



React Native


Business Mobile Apps

Run your company more efficiently through internal business apps. Increase productivity of your employees with mobile apps that help ease their workload and reduce unnecessary workflows.

Consumer Mobile Apps

Building a consumer-facing mobile app has never been easier with Agile Lab. Find out what your customer needs instead of what you think your customer wants with quick iterative development.

App Development

Cross-Platform & Hybrid Mobile

We deliver fast and responsive hybrid mobile applications that work across major operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

CI/CD Pipeline

The operating principle that raises the bar for our team is the CI/CD pipeline (continuous integration/continuous delivery), enabling more reliable and consistent code changes.

That doesn’t mean working harder but smarter. The ultimate goal is automated testing, moving team away from manual time-killing procedures, towards high-level, business-focused decision making.

Mobile App KL



Hybrid vs. Native Apps

In mobile applications, these platforms are majorly divided between two broad categories: Native, where the app is developed on the specific guidelines of the targeted operating system, be it Android or iOS, and Hybrid, aka cross-platform, the app that works on multiple operating systems but not necessarily using most in-built functionalities to facilitate better performance.

Android vs. iOS

If your target audience is majorly limited to one platform only, or the complexities of the app really hamper its performance if not using the native libraries, then it’s clear a native app is the best choice for you. Among native apps, Android and iOS apps constitute about 99.18% of the total global market share, making them the obvious choices for almost all mobile app development projects.

Among these two, the development cost and timeline don’t vary anymore. Thanks to the parent companies of both the mobile operating systems, there are genuinely sturdy IDEs available for both iOS and Android app development that allow developers to create the desired app as efficiently as possible.

How long does it take to develop mobile app?

The timeline of your app depends on various factors, not the least being how well thought out it is. If you already have an MVP ready for your app and only need to have certain features added to it before taking it to the market, it will definitely take much less time. However, if you haven’t even validated your app idea with a business analyst or even an individual developer, then it will take way too long even to confirm the exact requirement of the same.

Though if you choose a company or hire a team with the best methodologies in place, much of the time can still be salvaged. In the end, the exact timeline will always depend on the complexity of the app. For a simple information app taking at most a month to a business mobile application that can take over 10 months. There is no specific timeline that can be ascertained before clearing out all the app requirements.

Should my mobile app be native or hybrid?

It generally depends on your requirements and budget. In case you have a limited budget but want to reach out to a greater part of the audience, and also the app functionality is not complex enough to require the native libraries, then hybrid apps would prove to be a more prudent investment. However, if any given conditions are not there, it is suggested to have a native mobile app instead.

How much budget should I retain for app maintenance?

Generally, maintenance charges of an app cost around 30% of its total development budget. That being said, maintenance costs will vary based on the complexities of the app, server requirements, and the location of the IT company. To ascertain this, you may have to connect the base with all the IT companies offering such services and then shortlist them.

How much will Play Store & App Store charge to showcase app?

Both Apple and Google can decide to renew their policies at any time regarding the showcasing of any app. That is why it is always better to check with their official sources. To date, however, Google Play Store only charges a one-time registration fee of $25. Once registered, you can showcase as many apps as you want, depending upon the company’s selection criteria.

In comparison, Apple charges an annual fee of $99 to $299 for its developer’s and enterprise membership program that allows you to showcase your app on the App Store, once approved by the committee.

iOS App Development in KL.

We are one of the best iOS app development companies in Johor Bahru and believe in building quality iPhone applications for our clients that help them to serve their customers better. As a professional iPhone app development company, we are committed to creating a user-friendly and well-designed iPhone mobile app.

With the proper knowledge and innovation, we create our client's dream into reality. We also strictly follow the iOS standard while creating an iPhone mobile application so that we'll deliver the best and high-quality product.

Android App Development in KL.

At XANTEC, we’ve assembled an elite team of experienced and creative Android app developers. We code using the React Native framework. All our Android app development is done in-house at our KL offices.

Mobile App Development in KL.

XANTEC has the right set of expertise, experience, and most important resources to provide better web app development services in Johor Bahru. Our goal is to deliver the best web application to our clients. Before undertaking any project, we understand the client's needs and accumulate the best resources to build a best-in-class web application.

Will you be testing the mobile app after the completion?

Our team does all the necessary User Accessibility Testing (UAT), tweaking, troubleshooting, and even training until we can assure you that everything is running smoothly.